If today Galvani is leader this is not only the result of extremely high specialisation and of the technology whose accuracy and reliability have been fully tested: the key to the Company’s success is the creation of a complete offer and service formula, which begins with an assessment of the customer’s requirements, and extends to the design, implementation, certification, service. And, in order to ensure the highest performance and safety standards, Galvani studies in great detail and manufactures in its own workshops the components of the equipment thtat makes up the Clean Room and the Laminar Flow Systems.


Galvani S.r.l. bases its quality and environment policy on the following objectives:

  • To pursue the satisfaction of its customers’ needs, i.e. to guarantee products and services that correspond to their needs and expectations;
  • To give maximum attention to non-conformities discovered in processes, products, services and the quality system in order to reduce costs caused by lack of quality;
  • To follow advanced criteria for the safeguard of the environment, by the correct management of emissions into the atmosphere and into the waste-water system, and minimisation by the recovery and correct disposal of waste; the best use of raw materials, processes and energy;
  • To guarantee the compliance of its activities with the law and with regulations issued at all levels;
  • To adopt all technically and economically viable solutions to prevent any forms of pollution and to pursue continuous improvement in environmental efficiency also through the saving of natural resources;
  • To ensure that the possible environmental impact of new activities is checked before implementation and that the technological and strategic solutions to prevent and minimise impact are assessed;
  • To adopt suitable technical measures to prevent the pollution of the soil, of the subsoil and of the water table;
  • To be available for open dialogue with the public authorities and the external communities in order to foster understanding of the environmental aspects of the Company’s activity;
  • To ensure that third parties engaged within the area of the plant apply the environmental standards established by the Company.

The Management maintains that the success of this policy, which is a guarantee of the Company’s continuity and growth, can be reached only with everyone’s full commitment. Galvani Srl therefore encourages aware self-control and promotes all individual initiatives aimed at improvement.