All our plants are subjected to a “final validation” for ensuring full compliance of all the parameters defined at the time of approving the project (with checks of the contamination class, air speed, pressure and flow). This procedure is performed by our qualified technicians with the aid of sophisticated measuring devices subjected to regular and accurate maintenance and calibration.


Our qualified technicians are always on hand to provide a top quality “before and after” sales assistance.
This advisory service is designed to answer all customer needs thanks to the highly specialised training of our team.
As well as providing comprehensive answers to customers’ specific technical queries, this also allows us to identify the need to organise timely extraordinary maintenance operations for overcoming problems regarding any anomalies in the Clean Room that could occur over time due to wear and tear or to specific unforeseeable “faults”.


In order to keep the operating parameters of the Clean Room constant over time, our company has set up an efficient Scheduled Maintenance Service. This important service is proposed to customers on a regular basis at the time of designing new plants as it guarantees correct operation of the Clean Room and the auxiliary systems, preventing unexpected and costly production stops.
The maintenance contract is designed according to the specific plant characteristics and includes regular inspections by our qualified technicians who, apart from controlling the correct operation of the Clean Room, also replace any components subject to wear and tear. Special operations are also foreseen for servicing the air-conditioning and heating equipment.
A single contact for every kind of problem is synonymous with rapid intervention and reduced loss of profit.


Implemented several years ago, Tele-Assistance is now a ‘must’ for the majority of our customers, so much so that all our plants are set up for this service: a simple telephone or internet connection enables our technicians to view, alter and record the White Room operating parameters directly from our offices.
This is a complementary service to the Scheduled Maintenance package that completes our customer service offer.