Galvani is an engineering italian Company and it has been designing and manufacturing Clean Rooms acting to protect production processes for whom operates in the field of contamination controlled environments; We have been developing new technologies and air distribution systems and a supervision of contamination able to satisfy all international overly restringent international regulations in the field of cleanliness, hygiene, safety and quality.
Thanks to its high level specialisation, complete service and total quality on offer, today we are a leading company on an european scale.

Filter Fan Units AIR 1 HT

Cleanroom Components

To ensure the highest performances and safety levels, Galvani carry out a study on every single detail and directly manufactures Clean Room and Physical Containment Laboratories components in its own workshops. This ensures an accurate product, which is tested and reliable, based on strong and unique Company know-how.


Comfort Rate

Comfort-Rate sets out the level of comfort inside a controlled environment. It has been implemented as a new standard parameter in Clean Rooms dimensioning. This utility opens a new frontier to both Clean Rooms constructors and users: the well-being of operators.

Cleanroom Calculator

Clean Room Calculator

Clean Room Calculator is a software built up by our engineers that allow the dimensioning of a new Clean Room, the verify the compliance with industrial standards and the Comfort-Rate setting.

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