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Galvani has the perfect bespoke, certified, reliable and technologically advanced solution for any cleanliness need. With more than 40 years’ worth of experience in creating high-quality Clean Rooms that adhere to all the strictest regulations and highest manufacturing standards, Galvani is your perfect partner.
Galvani is by your side every step of the way, paying close attention to every detail and creating contamination-free environments tailored to any sector, application or process.
We are Galvani, the Clean Room experts.

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Galvani specialises in Clean Rooms. From the initial analysis to the installation, validation and maintenance of your contamination-free environment, choosing Galvani means choosing a partner who will provide effective, bespoke and certified solutions that are ready to use. Galvani brings its own expertise and know-how, fuelled by extensive experience and the ongoing pursuit of innovative solutions, to create the perfect Clean Room for any process, sector or enterprise. This is why many companies have chosen Galvani.

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Decades of experience in contamination-free environments
Components manufactured directly
Solutions tailored to the customer
Delivered on time
Continued investment in innovation, research and development
Quotes issued quickly
Decades of experience in contamination-free environments
Components manufactured directly
Delivered on time
Solutions tailored to the customer
Continued investment in innovation, research and development
Quotes issued quickly


Years' worth of experience


Of clean room space created
Satisfied clients


Countries worldwide

Galvani Clean Rooms

A Galvani Clean Room is a controlled-contamination environment that not only protects processes from particles, ensuring maximum cleanliness, but is also tailor-made, manufactured in-house and ready to use immediately upon delivery.
As we use our own workshops, we are able to provide a high-quality Turnkey service. All technology involved is tested, certified and implemented for efficiency and to remain in step with the latest innovations.

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Sterile Rooms

For all cleanliness needs that require an aseptic and microbiologically controlled environment, Galvani creates Sterile Rooms that are ready to be used.

Characteristics: free from dust, dirt, bacteria, viruses and parasites.

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Dry Room

Galvani Dry Rooms are safe, efficient and technologically advanced. This is the perfect solution for operations that require controlled humidity and contamination levels.

Characteristics:: controlled temperature, low humidity levels and low amounts of particulate present.

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BSL Laboratories

When containing pathogens and protecting people’s health and the surrounding environment are crucial, a BSL Laboratory—an advanced solution that Galvani can tailor to any setting—is what you need.

Characteristics:: Physical-containment laboratories used for handling micro-organisms.

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Beverage Solutions

From Aseptic Filling Machines to Ultra-Clean Rooms, there are many solutions available for the Beverage sector. All of these are customisable: an advantage that only companies with in-house manufacturing—like Galvani—can offer.

Characteristics: production environments in which cleanliness is paramount to ensure maximum safety of food/drink.

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Clean Room Comfort Rate

The Comfort Rate is an exclusive Galvani tool that assesses the level of comfort experienced by operators inside contamination-free environments. The hyper-ventilation system in a Clean Room can cause discomfort, thus compromising well-being and productivity.
There are 6 Comfort Rate classes that enable us to ascertain the quality of the ventilation systems and the distribution of air in the Clean Room: parameters taken into account include the temperature of the air supplied, the ambient temperature desired and the coverage factor.

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Before a Clean Room can be used, validation is a fundamental step, as prescribed by ISO 14644, the standard that regulates all aspects of a Clean Room. During the validation stage, our specialist technicians use sophisticated tools to check fundamental parameters such as temperature, humidity, pressure and level of cleanliness (dust particles in one m³ of air).
Once checks are complete, a test report is issued, which confirms that the Clean Room is compliant and that it can be used.
This service is available either as the final stage of the creation of a Clean Room, or upon request by the client for existing Clean Rooms or other special requirements.

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Post-sale Services

Galvani has made some additional post-sale services available to ensure that Clean Rooms remain in perfect working order at all times. First of all, our Scheduled Maintenance service, where Galvani technicians carry out regular targeted maintenance work to ensure the solution is working properly and to carry out any necessary repairs, helps prevent breakdowns or costly production stops. A Remote Assistance service is also available, which allows our operators to monitor and modify the parameters of the Clean Room directly from our offices, as well as a training service that provides instructions and information to the company regarding the best practices to follow to ensure that the Clean Room remains in optimum working condition at all times.

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Thanks to our know-how and expertise, extensive experience and in-house manufacturing, we are able to produce bespoke solutions for any process, sector or application.
If you cannot find your sector listed below, contact us for a bespoke Clean Room.

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