Galvani was founded back in 1930 by the enterprising Luigi Osvaldo Galvani: in the beginning the company was artisan-based and operated in the structural work sector.
In 1952 the company begins to take-on an industrial framework and to operate in the treatment of air.
In 1979, when contamination control systems were still considered to be next-generation technology, Galvani began to specialise in the design, construction and installation of Clean Rooms and Laminar Flow Systems.


  • The construction of specific custom-made plant and systems to guarantee constant growth and success: our success is based on our customers’ satisfaction.
  • Selecting and using only the best technology which is compatible with the applications required from the plant and systems.
  • Set-up partnership agreements with our Customers, to increase our knowledge of their needs and constantly implement our solutions.
  • Guarantee loyalty and transparency in all our everyday contacts and relationships